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Sebastian Witt




Hey, what s your Name?:

Sebastian Witt

When where you born?:

On the 6th of April 1989 in Schwerin

Where do you sleep?:

Here and there, mostly at home in Schwerin. It's where I feel at home you know?

What do people yell when they see you?:

Oh my god it is really him haha

How long have you been on Rockers?:

Ever since we had a Team. So since the end of 2006

Who are your Sponsors?:

Nolliewood Skateboards, Chico Clothing, Titus Shop (Hamburg), Krux Trucks through Jefferson Distribution, Rockers Wheels Bearings and Hardware

What set up do you ride?:

Nolliewood Party Deck in 7,75, Krux downlows, Rockers Lorenz wheels 52mm, Rockers Swiss Bearings Abec 9, Rockers Schrauben 7/8, Black Diamond Griptape

Remember your first real setup?:

The only thing I remember is that it was a Matix limited

Edition Deck, golden Ventures and Powell Minilogo Wheel

Who are your favorites on the Team?:

Julian Furones, Denny Pham and of course Limbo and Max (you haven't lived until you've partied with them!)

Ever get tired of skateboarding? If so, why?:

Whenever I get hurt or if I have been skating too much

What do you do when not skating?:

The usual. Chill with my homies in Schwerin,party,...

Dream Vacation?:

Spring Break Florida! Just say "Fuck it" for a week and freak out with a good crew

Are you done filming your part for the video?:

Not entirely, I Still have a couple of moves I wanna do

Top 5 Records /Songs :

Evidence-solidary Confinement

Talib Kweli-Listen

Laas Unltd-Wir kenn dich nicht

Lupe Fiasco-kick push

Lil Wayne-tha mobb

Top 5 Skateboarders:


Rob Maatman

Petr Horvat

Darrell Stanton

Davis Torgerson

Top 5 Books:

- as if...

Basti's part in "This was sketchy, man!"



Backside Nollieflip
Backside Nollieflip
Frontside Feeble
Frontside Feeble

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