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Hey, what's your Name?:

Tim `Limbo` Große-Venhaus

When where you born?:


Where do you sleep?:

Where ever I get tired... or Hamburg

What do people yell when they see you?:


How long have you been on Rockers?:

Since Day 1

Who are your Sponsors?:

Rockers Hardware, ÜBER Skateboards, Reell Denim, Titus Hamburg, GPAF

What set up do you ride?:

8er Board, Thunder Trucks, Rockers Team Wheels 54mm, Swiss Bearings Rockers

Remember your first "real" setup?:

Acme Wiener Dude (Everslick), Grindking Trucks, SMA Wheels 43mm

Who are your favorites on the Team?:

Everyone I skated with. Especially the hamburger Max and Crazy Spanish Furones.

Ever get tired of skateboarding? If so, why?:


What do you do when not skating?:

Other Sports, Party, Study

Dream Vacation?:

Route 66 with a Delta 88 Cabrio. Get drunk on Whiskey and sleep in the Car. Fear and loathing Style....

Are you done filming your part for the video?:


Top 5 Records /Songs: 

The whitest Boy alive - Rules

Steve Aoki - Pillowface And His Airplane Chronicles

Fully Flared Soundtrack

Metallica - Death Magnetic
......and much more

Top 5 Skateboarders


Shane O´Neill

B. Herman


Tom Penny;-)
...and also many More

Top 5 Books:

Drive by shootings, The Skateboardmag, Professional Videography, E-Book, MacBook

Video Pics

 Limbo's part in "This was sketchy, man!"




Limbo AD
Limbo AD

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