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  Jürgen Horrwarth




Hey, what’s your Name?:

Juergen Horrwarth is the name, golf is the game...

What do people yell when they see you?:

“hey, get off the street, you rowdy! Where did you get your licence?”

How long have you been on Rockers?:

I’ve been riding for Rockers since 2008.

What set up do you ride?:

I have an allround setup and a racing-special setup for vert.

The allround machine features an 8 1/8 Trap Juergen Horrwarth model with 139 Indys and Type S 52mm wheels on Rockers Swiss Bearings.

The vert vehicle is an 8 ½ Pro model with 149 Indys and 58mm Type S on Rockers  Horrwarth Hybrid prototypes.

Remember your first “real” setup?:

Yep, that was a Tony Magnusson “hell concave” H-street board with thunder trucks and 62 mm vision hurricanes in the back and 56mm freestyle wheels in the front.  Kinda like a drag racing car.

Who are your favorites on the Team?:

I guess Furones, Jo, Nino, Maxim

Ever get tired of skateboarding? If so, why?:

Yes, I do! Especially when it comes to things I sometimes don’t feel like doing.

But on the other hand, how good is it to be able to make a living from what you love  most and do best? It’s simply amazing!

Dream Vacation?:

Hmmm, somewhere where there is no skateboarding for a while, just fishing,  sunbathing, swimming and beach life. Maybe just me and my girl, or even by myself.  Sometimes i get sick of people.

Top 5 Records /Songs:

Pink Floyd / wish you where here

Metallica / Master of puppets

Metallica / and justice for all

Mastodon/ crack the skye

The Beatles/ love

Top 5 Skateboarders:

Danny Way

Tony Hawk

Eric Koston

Guy Mariano

Colin McKay

Top 5 Books:

Life of Pi

American Psycho


Peter und der Wolf

Alle Hanni+Nanni



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Juergen with Julian in "This was sketchy man!"



 Juergen filmed by his Aussie mate Renton Millar:





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