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Jo Lorenz




Hey, what’s your Name?:

Johannes Joseph Lorenz

When where you born?:

16 January 1983

Where do you sleep?:

Preferably in my flat in Freiburg

What do people yell when they see you?:

Shagga whagga mi tadda easy wadda

How long have you been on Rockers?:

About 2 years, since 2007

Who are your Sponsors?:

Element, Emerica and Rockers

What set up do you ride?:

7.9 Boards, low thunder and 52mm Rockers wheels, Rockers bearings and bolts

Remember your first “real” setup?:

Jason Jesse (Jesus Graphic) Venture Trucks, Mini Rat bones

Who are your favorites on the Team?:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ever get tired of skateboarding? If so, why?:

Overdose, too much is too much!

What do you do when not skating?:

Surfing the cyberspace, outdoor activities hiking & mountain climbing, music guitar and friends, cooking and keep my world tidy

Dream Vacation?:

Scuba diving in Madagascar

Are you done filming your part for the video?:

Almost ;-)

Top 5 Records /Songs:

Rodriguez - Best of

Eric Clapton - unplugged

Supertramp - the best of all times

Pink Floyd - Echoes

Bernard Fanning - Tea & Sympathy

Top 5 Skateboarders:

Ray Barbee

Matt Hensley

Marc Johnson

Andrew Reynolds

Brian Herman

Top 5 Books:

The Warrior of the Light - Paulo Coelho

The chronicler of the wind - Henning Mankell

The Perfume Patrick - Süsskind

Siddartha - Herman Hesse



"Papa" Jo‘s part in "This was sketchy man!"




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Jo Lorenz AD
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